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GINLITE LED Gimbal Down Light GL-DLT03 Series - 12W/15W

GINLITE LED Gimbal Down Light is designed to be used for spot lighting, retail store lighting, commercial lighting, residential lighting and general lighting.

GINLITE Multifunctional Solar Emergency Lamp

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New Arrivals

GINLITE LED Plant Growing Lamp GL-LPST06-350

GINLITE LED Plant Growing Lamp GL-LPST06 Series is designed and developed for home hobbyists cannabis cultivating.

New Arrivals

GINLITE LED PAR56 Spot Light GL-PAR56-PC50W (Waterproof)

GINLITE LED PAR38 and PAR56 Spot Light Series, Waterproof IP65

New Arrivals

GINLITE Portable Built-in UVC Disinfectant Mini Air Purifier GL-PM-AP01

GINLITE Car Air Purifier with Built-in UVC & Photocatalyst Disinfection, Desktop Air Purifier with USB type-C Supply Source, Mini Portable Air Purifier for Car & Bedroom & Office(No Battery).

New Arrivals

GINLITE Air Circulating UV LED Disinfectant Lamp GL-ACDL-18

GINLITE Air Circulating UV LED Disinfectant Lamp has a Multi Direction Disinfection, such as, Hotel disinfection, school classroom disinfection, pet disinfection, baby supplies disinfection, living environment disinfection.

New Arrivals

GINLITE 222nm Far UV Disinfectant Lamp GL-XD-222

The most effective ultraviolet rays for coronavirus are the safest 222nm! It can be used in densely populated places such as schools, hospitals, elevators, cinemas, hotels, airports, restaurants, etc.

GINLITE 222nm Ultraviolet Disinfectant LED Panel Lamp GL-XD-PL222

New Arrivals

GINLITE Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser GH-9502

GINLITE Alcohol and Gel Dispenser, Automatic Alcohol and Gel Dispenser Touchless, Alcohol and Gel Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom, Hand Alcohol and Gel Dispenser-Infrared Motion Sensor/Touchless High Capacity 600ml Auto Alcohol and Gel Dispenser.